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Jump Ship

by no thank you

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released February 24, 2017

Recorded by Evan Bernard
Mixed by Chris Baglivo
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe



all rights reserved


no thank you Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

kaytee, evan and nick play in no thank you. we are contemporary adults making contemporary adult indie rock and roll <3

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Track Name: Eyeballs
your pupils are so small they might disappear
and you won't be able to tell me how pretty i am, dear
your pupils are so small they might disappear
and the blue will take over your eyeballs
nothing will be crystal clear
crystal clear humming in your ear
Track Name: Cold
i think that it's cold in there
the wet kind of cold like a basement
with nothing to do but wait for fresh air
and somebody else always takes it
i think that it's cold in there
the kind of cold that makes your skin thick
and i could never eat anybody else
and baby i know that we're getting sick

and everyone asks me how i'm feeling
and i'm not sure which one of them means it
but i've grown used to gritting my teeth
and i can't believe in anything
i'm sorry that i've been so cold again
but my heavy heart it needs to be frozen
so maybe there's a chance for me
to float in this god damn mess that i've been drowning in
Track Name: Old News
i don't remember what you looked like
the day that you took your knife and
wedged it right between my vertebrae
poor mental health and chronic pain
maybe that was just part of quitting
coming to terms with awful feelings
i can't pretend that i'm not better off
thickened skin can't grow soft

but who am i kidding
i would love to see you again
but i can't tell the difference between
straight lines and best friends
and i'd love to use you
never have to feel again
but i have to hate you
forgetting vs. forgiven
Track Name: Serenity Song
big brother try to forget i've got a big mouth
and i think it's time that you hear me out
it's been a while, formative years
and i've got admiration
despite your specialization in calling me out

i've been harboring such bad feelings
don't know their meanings
i'm sure i'll find out that they don't mean shit
no not one bit
big brother's advice is just to forget
well do you regret it?
god grant me the god damn opportunity to move on
serenity song
Track Name: Bad @ Love Songs
i'd been dying to tell you i love you
you were blindsided but you took me home
where we should have stayed
but i had to brave the cold and spend winter alone

i let the snow collect in my body
freeze my insides cease to be feeling
just a broken heart left alone to think,
"what am i missing?"
and i found truth: life's harder without you
Track Name: Juicy J
i can't keep up with you
way faster than i'm used to
i'm trying to catch up
hoping that you might wait up
orange is inviting
blue eyes so exciting
colors that are complementing
spectral spiral never ending
i'm so glad we met
thanks for playing pretend

i can't keep up with you
way faster than i'm used to
i'm trying to catch up
hoping that you might wait up
your hands around me
i feel so astoundingly
pretty around you
stop before we break the rules
boundaries been set
cuz i really needed a friend
and i'm so glad we met
thanks for playing pretend
Track Name: Teeter
god damn it what happened?
you were my best friend.
my partner in crime, my right hand
a pair of gloves, i was one of them

i'm a seesaw, you're a balance beam
and you're slipping out from under me
it's hard to believe in you when you're leaving me
is this fun for you?

well now that your cover's blown
i guess i should have known
but i'm not one for throwing stones
and codependency felt better than being alone
Track Name: The Unbearable Purposelessness Of Being
i've gotten good at kicking bad habits
it's misunderstood as giving up, abandonment
or anything else that i've been accused of
cuz everyone forgets i used to feel love
but not any more, no i buried that weight
cuz the burden weighed more than my body could take
cuz when everybody hurts you it's a smile that you fake
you never know how strong you are until you start to break

i'm twenty something and i'm still alive
self medication is how i get by
still listen to "nimrod" when i'm getting high
i'm twenty something, i'm doing just fine

so on this anniversary, ten years to date
i think of all my ex-lovers and the ones i couldn't save
cuz if i've learned a thing i'm the one who had to change
you can't rely on someone whose problems stay the same
and i've burnt down bridges, broke promises and lied
but i'm good at keeping secrets, hold loyalty up high
and i've got my best friends, try hard to protect them
from what i've become, all fucked up and numb